Farmers are the backbone of America. They’re the people willing to work in scorching heat and bitter cold to put food on our tables. They get up with the sun to take care of the fields, and work until late on their accounts. They face unpredictable weather, insect invasions and water shortages, while constantly monitoring their cattle’s health and well-being. No one can deny that farming and ranching are hard work.

But there’s really no other job quite like farming. Once it’s in your blood, you never lose the sense of pride and satisfaction that comes from raising a tiny seed into a bumper crop. The gratification of caring for new calves during cold spring nights, and later shipping out a hefty load of steaks, can’t be measured by numbers.

Many farmers value well-kept fences, believing them to be a sign of commitment, pride and dedication. And protecting those steaks while they’re running around on four legs is a priority. Especially for anyone who likes to head in from the barn, following their nose to where something delicious is grilling on the deck.

Building fence is one of the most time-consuming tasks on a farm or ranch. As we found out for ourselves back in 2007, there just aren’t that many good tools available to make the back-breaking work of fencing easier. So we set to work, and designed and engineered the original Montana Post Driver. Since we wanted to help all farmers everywhere, we did not patent the design. Today there are many post pounders available on the market, re-created after our original design. Some of them excellent, but many are pathetic knock-offs packing little power and lots of frustration. For quality assurance, get yourself the original.

The Original Post Drivers

But we didn’t just design a powerful driver and stop there. We kept improving and refining it, unwilling to settle for anything less than the best we could possibly offer. The hardworking farmers and ranchers of America we admire deserve it. Today our product line is still expanding, and we like receiving feedback from anyone who is using our post drivers, so we can building them even better.

Montana Post Driver understand the importance of farmers and ranchers in our world today, and we’re happy to have tools to offer that help get their job done with less effort. Get an original Montana Post Driver, to build fence a little more easily. We broke the sweat, so you don’t have to.

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