About Us

About Us

Perfecting the Hydraulic Post Driver Since 2007

In the spring of 2007 we moved to western Montana and started fencing. We bought a used skid-steer mounted post driver that had been converted to pound with a hydraulic breaker (jack hammer). The concept of using a breaker to drive posts was born in Montana over 30 years ago. We really liked the concept because it is gentler to the post, and the operator has full control of the post while driving it.

We heard of a local Bobcat dealer that had modified a jack hammer to create a post driver. So we bought a new 500 ft-lb. model, slightly bigger than the old one. This worked well in good soil conditions, but we soon wanted a bigger driver. The Bobcat dealer wasn’t interested in making a bigger one.

Then we saw a close-out ad for a 750 ft-lb. breaker. So we set out to make a post driver ourselves, changing the design to a dedicated post driver instead of a modified jack hammer.

You know how it goes. We soon wanted an even bigger post driver! It seemed to us that when the ground was nice, people did their own fencing. But when the soil was hard, they called the fencing contractor. So, we planned to try a 1,000 ft-lb. breaker. The equipment dealer told us that such a large breaker is too big for a skid steer, but we were determined to try. After many trials, errors, and redesigns, we finally had a post driver that performed better than any other we had seen. When other fencing contractors saw it, they asked if we could build one for them. So when the fencing slowed down in the wintertime, we built a few post drivers for others.

Our first post drivers were made with an imported breaker, sourced from a skid steer attachment company. Then we decided to buy the breakers directly from Arrowhead Rock Drill, an American company in California. We had 3 sizes of these post drivers available, and had excellent success with them.

With the growing demand for post drivers, we sold the fencing business in 2012 and started Montana Post Driver.

When fencing contractors with big machines requested an even bigger driver, we started building our 1500 ft-lb. heavy-weight champ.

Soon we could not get the breakers fast enough from the American company, forcing our customers onto a waiting list. In 2014 we began researching the possibility of building a lower-cost post driver. We found a hydraulic breaker company in China that was willing to work with us, using steel that meets U.S. specs. They successfully produced a breaker according to our requirements. As a result, we began to offer the E series post drivers with performance and sizes equal to the A series — 750 ft-lb., 1,000 ft-lb., and 1,500 ft-lb. The E series soon became our most popular line of post drivers, proving themselves over the years with client after client. We also now make these post drivers to attach to mini excavators.

In 2014, we created an auger which directly attaches to the post driver, making it simple to drill a pilot hole in hard or rocky ground conditions. You can drive your post without changing attachments. The auger will attach to any Montana Post Driver.

In 2015, we set up a distributor in Ohio in order to better serve our customers in the eastern US. This was followed in 2017 by a second manufacturing facility in Ohio for even greater efficiency.

The ORIGINAL hydraulic hammer post driver.