Auger Attachment

Auger Attachment

With the flip of a selector valve, drill a pilot hole before driving a post into hard or rocky soil. The auger’s powerful hydraulic motor makes the job easier and faster than ever before, saving you money. Additionally, the auger attachment can easily be added to existing Montana Post Drivers, requiring minimal modification simply bolt on and change hoses.
The simple selector valve allows you to switch from post driver operation to auger operation. It does not require any electrical hookups to your skid steer, and only one set of hoses is required to run the driver or the auger. The 4 auger teeth provide aggressive hole drilling.

Key Features

  • 2” hex-drive connector
  • Selector valve to make changing from post-driver mode to auger mode easy
  • 4” Head, 4-tooth (standard)
  • 6” Head, 6-tooth

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The ORIGINAL hydraulic hammer post driver.