To everyone at Montana Post Driver….
It is easy in today’s current environment to become cynical and pessimistic. My recent experience with your organization would give me hope and restore my conviction that there are many good people out there. It took me a moment to understand the invoice for the hydraulic hoses really did say zero balance, paid. I would have thought that maybe it was an error…but a good friend just had a similar experience with you.

I simply want to express my sincere appreciation. You are a first-class group….with a first-class product. I owned a competitor’s driver…for a season. I spent more time putting the plate back up in the unit than I did driving posts. One day I looked out my office window and there was a trailer with two skid steers…one with the off-brand, one with yours. I introduced myself to their owner and asked which he preferred…he was a commercial fence builder. He didn’t hesitate and proceeding to praise the Montana Post Driver. I couldn’t get rid of the off-brand fast enough and purchased yours. I live in rather rough terrain, lots of rocks. I went back with the Montana Post Driver and finished the job that I couldn’t accomplish with the other driver.

Thank you folks…for a great driver, excellent service, kind people, and just a great organization. I really do appreciate it, and will remember the high bar you have set for the rest of us that work with the public.
I wish you the very best in your endeavors…thank you so much.

Mark Andreasen


Proud Owner of a 1000E